Washington States WDFW Wolf count Questionable


We find it difficult with the amount of wolves slaughtered  by WDFW alone by WDFW  in the last 2 years that their count increased. WDFW claimed they employed an array of non-lethal strategies last year, however with Picture documentation it shoes that ast least 1 of these det…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProfanityPeakWolfPack #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington http://protectthewolves.com/washington-states-wdfw-wolf-count-questionable/

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Help Stop Trump’s wildlife protection board thats stuffed with trophy hunters 

Question for you. How Long will you allow our Elected Officials to Ignore Your Protections under the Public Trust before you Join Us to begin to put Conflicts of Interest, Special Interest participating on Advisory Groups to name a few into Court? We have the Research to begin to put a stop…Protect The Wolves™ #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/help-stop-trumps-wildlife-protection-board-thats-stuffed-with-trophy-hunters/

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50 State Table: Conflict of Interest Definitions on Elected Officials

For Wolf Advisory Groups like that in Washington State amongst others. We have the research to begin putting a stop on Special Interest Participation in General as well as Under the Trusts.

Members on Washingtons WAG have an Interest, a Financial Interest due to their own businesses, as…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/50-state-table-conflict-of-interest-definitions-on-elected-officials/

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Poacher that trapped and shot a wolf in Oregon gets probation and a fine

Where is the justice for this wolf that was illegally trapped and then shot?  Some may remember this case of David Sanders from Elign Oregon who set unmarked traps out and caught a wolf, then shot it in December of 2017.


During the investigation, officials determined the wolf w…Protect The Wolves™ http://protectthewolves.com/poacher-that-trapped-and-shot-a-wolf-in-oregon-gets-probation-and-a-fine/

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Protect The Wolves™ has submitted a FOIA Request for Lolo Wolf kill locations

Protect The Wolves™ has submitted a FOIA Request for the wolf kill locations in the Lolo Unit in Idaho. The way Idaho operates near or even for that matter in Wilderness areas with total disregard for Federal Law, they have proven beyond a doubt that they can not be trusted.

In 2017, I…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInIdaho http://protectthewolves.com/protect-the-wolves-has-submitted-a-foia-request-for-lolo-wolf-kill-locations/

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Wyoming offends Native American Religious Beliefs calling Sacred Species “Vermin”

Redding, California: Yellowstone Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies need your help.

Time is of the essence, every day more park Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies are…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInTheNews #WolvesInYellowstone http://protectthewolves.com/yellowstone-wolves-bison-and-grizzlies-targeted-news/

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Wolf Advisory Group  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Meetings

Apparently for some unknown reason they are choosing to hold meetings in Eastern Wa. Agenda will be posted when available.

We reached out to the BIA after their first meeting since 2015, it was scheduled with less than a days notice… One has to Question what Martorello is attempting to…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProfanityPeakWolfPack #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/wolf-advisory-group-washington-department-of-fish-and-wildlife-meetings/

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Feds’ Discounted Grazing Fees Hurt Taxpayers, Environment, Report Says 

Private ranchers get a discount of up to 80% from the market price for grazing rights, says a report from the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. The deal amounts to a subsidy for the livestock ind…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/feds-discounted-grazing-fees-hurt-taxpayers-environment-report-says/

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Joel Kretz campaign loses in PDC case – The Independent

Give it Up Joel Kretz, Stop trying to appear the innocent individual when it appears you have been caught red-handed with your hand stealing from the cookie jar. Washington State needs to vote this greedy threatening individual out of office then file charges against him.

People are so on…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves http://protectthewolves.com/joel-kretz-campaign-loses-in-pdc-case-the-independent/

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