Wolves kill another calf in NE Oregon

Wolves cannot continue to pay a price with their lives! Livestock producers are already compensated for depredations! In April, state officials killed three wolves from the Pine Creek Pack in Baker County after confirmed depredations. Three members of the eight-member pack were killed. One of th…Protect The Wolves™ http://protectthewolves.com/wolves-kill-another-calf-in-ne-oregon/

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Live map of the Carr fire near Redding

We found Folks a LIVE map that is updating all the time it appears.

This continuously updated map shows the current hot spots and fire lines of the Carr fire burning near Redding

Source: Live map of the Carr fire near ReddingProtect The Wolves™ http://protectthewolves.com/live-map-of-the-carr-fire-near-redding/

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World’s largest firefighting airplane in Redding to help fight the Carr blazes

The Global SuperTanker, the world’s largest firefighting airplane, is heading to Redding to help battle the Carr Fire. Once able to hold 600 passengers, the retired Boeing 747 aircraft has been converted into one of California’s most essential firefighting tools.

The plane now carries up…Protect The Wolves™ http://protectthewolves.com/worlds-largest-firefighting-airplane-in-redding-to-help-fight-the-carr-blazes/

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Mexican gray wolf, cattle can’t coexist. Let wolves have public land

It is time for ALL large orgs to call for an end to grazing allotments not just a couple! Join Us today to get our research into courts to protect your children’s resources!
Call for cooperation didn’t work
The effort to have wolves and cattle co-exist on public lands might have worked if…Protect The Wolves™ #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/mexican-gray-wolf-cattle-cant-coexist-let-wolves-have-public-land/

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Mexican gray wolves: Ranchers want fewer. Schneberger killed 1 in 2013

Schneberger admitted that her Husband Killed an Animal Protected under the ESL. It is time to get our Research into Court People and begin protecting Our Children’s Resources while we still have them left. Heaven forbid they associate missing calves with cattle rustlers.
Several calves…Protect The Wolves™ #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/mexican-gray-wolves-ranchers-want-fewer-schneberger-killed-1-in-2013/

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Gray Wolves, Grizzly bears big losers in House spending bill 


Republicans in Congress drew a bead on great carnivores of the West on Thursday, with the House passing legislation to block reintroduction of grizzly bears to the Cascades, and strip Endangered Species protection from gray wolves.

The government would be prohibited from using…Protect The Wolves™ #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/gray-wolves-grizzly-bears-big-losers-in-house-spending-bill/

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3 Wolves Killed in Central Idaho After Sheep Attacks

It is time for people to Join “Protect The Wolves™” Movement to get Our Research into court, and the power freely given to states, Ranchers etc. reversed to the hands of the Majority and protect our Children’s Resources!

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Three wolves have been killed by federal aut…Protect The Wolves™ #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/3-wolves-killed-in-central-idaho-after-sheep-attacks/

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Colorado U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton has lost all common sense

You see an example in the below article of what will continue to happen unless people all join as 1 Voice! Ours has the Attorneys as well as the research to begin protecting our Children’s Resources. We need every single follower to join this movement that with your help will become the howl…Protect The Wolves™ #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves http://protectthewolves.com/colorado-u-s-rep-scott-tipton-has-lost-all-common-sense/

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