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Letter to be used in Washington State USFS Petition to Ban Grazing Allotments near Known or Discovered Wolf Dens

Good Morning, After many hundreds of pages of Research reading, we have put together the Letter of Basis to serve upon USFS at the Washington State Wolf Advisory Group meeting on March 29th.
Colville National Forest Plan Shortcomings
As They Relate to Wildlife Conflicts

  The…Protect The Wolves® #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInTheNews #WolvesInWashington http://protectthewolves.com/letter-to-be-used-in-washington-state-usfs-petition-to-ban-grazing-allotments-near-known-or-discovered-wolf-dens/

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Washington State Wolf Advisory Group March 29th Meeting

Protect The Wolves® is wondering what will happen at the next WAG Meeting…

WDFW allowed Wag Members at the September meeting to throw Wielgus under the Bus. The only ones to stand up for him at all was us because he spoke with us on the telephone for an hour….. Is he going to put on…Protect The Wolves® #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #ProtectWolvesInWashington #RestoreWolvesToESL #WolvesInTheNews http://protectthewolves.com/washington-state-wolf-advisory-group-march-29th-meeting/

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Why do wolves hunt in packs? The answer might be ravens 


Why do wolves hunt in packs? The answer might be ravens

A raven moves on from a frosted spruce tree Jan. 5 in Turnagain. (Erik Hill / ADN archive 2017)

People who study animal behavior think they may have found out why wolves hunt in packs: Because…Protect The Wolves® #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #StopAerialWolfHunting #WolvesInTheNews http://protectthewolves.com/why-do-wolves-hunt-in-packs-the-answer-might-be-ravens/

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Congress OKs law allowing aerial hunting in Alaska 

What is it that is wrong with Congress???? They have approved a bill to allow aerial hunting of bears and wolves near dens on federal lands in Alaska. Here is another example of Legislation that we can overturn with your Help.

WASHINGTON — Congress has approved a bill that would allow…Protect The Wolves® #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #StopAerialWolfHunting #WolvesInTheNews http://protectthewolves.com/congress-oks-law-allowing-aerial-hunting-in-alaska/

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Congress backs bill to lift Obama limits on Alaska hunting Help Us Stop It!!

If You will Join Us Today, WE will be heard!!
  Protect The Wolves® incorporates the Indian Trust
Protect The Wolves® Indian Trust research  that has been done thus far tells us we can stop this if you will help us! The Elected Officials have no conscience. Join Us Today to make the…Protect The Wolves® #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #EndangeredSpeciesList #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #ProtectTheWolves #WolvesInAlaska #WolvesInTheNews http://protectthewolves.com/congress-backs-bill-to-lift-obama-limits-on-alaska-hunting-help-us-stop-it/

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